Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The rains are falling...and things are a-growin!  I have noticed lots of Erodium starting to poke well as miners lettuce.  A couple of my favorite greens.  I love the Erodium cooked up in an omelette.  It is very spinach-like.  I also drink lots of Miners lettuce smoothies. 

I've sampled various species of Geranium.  The texture seems to be a lot more palatable when it is young.  It can have a peppery kind of taste.

I have also been having a great time finding various mushrooms and figuring out what they are from ID books.  After 100%...beyond a doubt...I would testify in court...ID'ing of a species of "milk cap"...I took a small bite of it as outlined in Mushrooms Demystified.  If it is "acrid" (peppery)...then it should not be consumed.  IT WAS!  Boy...I had to wash my mouth out.  Almost like eating a hot pepper.  One of the things that is really blowing my mind with regards to mushrooms is the rainbow of flavors that are found in mushrooms.  They don't all taste like the bland button mushrooms from the store!  Flavors of lemon...licorice...maple hots...etc...can be found in mushrooms!  As well as all sorts of flavors that are uniquely theirs.

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